Battleground Mobile India Pre Registration On Play Store PUBG

PUBG Mobile India which is now Battlegrounds Mobile India has started its registration on 18th May. Here are steps for How to pre-register for the battleground mobile India play store.

Battleground Mobile India Pre Registration On Play Store - PUBG

  • Step 1 - Open Google play store on your Mobile and make sure it is an android phone. 

  • Step 3 - Click on Pre-registration for Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India Button and close it now.
Battleground Mobile India Pre Registration On Play Store PUBG

Benefits Of Pre Registration of Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India From Play Store

If you register for Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India before its completely release then you will receive some basic rewards after installation of the PUBG India game which is now Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India.

Due to heavy traffic, you may receive any error during the process but simply do it again to solve any technical problem. 

Rewards from Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India for pre-registered users 

  • Recon Mask
  • Recon Outfits
  • 300 AG
  • Celebration Title of Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India
It is only offered to users who are doing pre-registration for Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India.
If your age is more than 16 then you are able to play it without any restrictions but for the below 16 age group, it has restrictions. For that, you have to take permission from your parents by verifying it in your device for playing Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India.

Also, there is a change in the policy of purchase items in Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India. You can only pay 7000 rs per day to purchase any reward of PUBG Mobile India. Previously there was no limit for it but now it's changed. 

Pubg Mobile India Pre Registration Play Store Date and Link

Finally, the pre-registration process of PUBG Mobile India has started and many PUBG fans are waiting for this after the old PUBG India removed from the google play store.

The name of PUBG Mobile has changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India and it came with its new version having many changes in it.

About Battlegrounds Mobile India - PUBG Mobile

It is now available only for India as per Krafton and as in previous PUBG Mobile, the virtual currency was UC now it is hanged to AG. The theme of Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India will be the same as per old like you need to play until the last person remains alive in-game. 

In the new version, just some animations will be changed and some new things are added. Soon it will available for everyone to download for free through the google play store. You need a good internet connection to play the game otherwise ping will get high and your game will lag continuously.

Till now Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India is released for Android devices only and not yet decided for ios devices.

The owner and developer of this new Battlegrounds Mobile India are Krafton and the size of the game is around the same as per the previous one. It is replaced game of PUBG Mobile.

Conclusion about Battleground Mobile India Pre Registration On Play Store PUBG

I hope you guys are now clear about how to do pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India on the play store and also what rewards are given after pre-registration. Share this link with your PUBG fan friends and tell them about the registration process.

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